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 is an easy-to-use, competitively priced web-based system that revolutionizes the way you manage all aspects of your HR needs.

Our first module, the , allows Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) managers to:

  Maintain and print records of workplace Incidents / Accidents and follow-up action items
  Analyze incidents by type, primary & secondary cause, location, action items, etc.
  Display action items by Employee
  Quickly access employee training and safety information anytime and anywhere you have Internet access
  Record and print notes taken during Toolbox & other Meetings. Monitor action items arising from the meeting.
  Proactively track and schedule training throughout your organization
  Customize the application using your organization’s Locations, Departments, Job Titles, Course Names, etc.
  Access reports and queries by Location, Department, Course, Employee, Job Title, etc.
  Easily delegate responsibility for managing this information to your Location Managers and / or Department Managers
  Manage secure access to the system and level of access (view, update) by Company, Location, Department & Employee
  Improve efficiency, reduce time, and so much more...

The  helps you keep your employees’ certifications current, maximizing your productivity and profits, while significantly decreasing your legal risks.

Contact us and see for yourself why the  is the simplest, most affordable way to manage your most important resource – your workforce.


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